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Shopping Call & Go Services

Test Valley Call & Go is a weekly shopping trip providing a door to door transport service.

Group Minibus Hire

Looking for transport for group meetings, school trips, holidays, sports/leisure activities and day trips? Unity can help.

Accessible Car

Wheelchair accessible cars are available to wheelchair users or anyone who has difficulty getting into an ordinary car.

Volunteer Drivers Wanted

Unity is seeking volunteer drivers for our community transport services across Test Valley.

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Dial-A-Ride Mileage

Total Return Trips

Group Minibus Hires

Average number of trips per user per year

Average miles travelled for the year per user

‘Figures taken from 2019-2020 impact report’

I first became involved in community transport 8 years ago. I had taken some time out of my work as a teacher and was looking for something to do before returning to paid employment. A couple of Test Valley Community Transport (now Unity) vehicles advertising for volunteer drivers caught my eye and I felt I probably had some transferable skills I could put to good use. Volunteering for Unity has truly been a life enriching experience. I have visited a wide variety of places, met an equally diverse range of people and feel the service is truly valued by those who use it. Most importantly I have seen that community transport provides so much more than a means of getting from A to B. It provides people with a means to travel for education or leisure and, for those who no longer have transport of their own, it is a lifeline when it comes to combating social isolation and loneliness. The work is voluntary but the personal and emotional rewards are immeasurable and I would recommend becoming involved to anyone with time to spare to help their local community.

Will Rolt – Volunteer Driver

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