Your welcome guides for Refugees from Hampshire County Council


We know the circumstances leading you to leave Ukraine are upsetting and difficult, but we hope if you choose to find a UK sponsor in Hampshire, you can arrive and settle in as soon as possible.

Information about local services to help you settle into your community can be found in the local Welcome guides below. The guides explain how to register with a family doctor, called a GP in the UK, and how to get your children into educations. The regional guides also includes links to Hampshire’s libraries, many of which have set up Ukraine Connections groups. These groups meet in libraries, offering a welcoming space for you to begin to meet others socially, learn how to use library services, and find out more about life in your new temporary community.

Region guide

Welcome guide for Ukrainians arriving in Hampshire. (Вітальний путівник для гостей з України англійською та українською мовами).

Help on advice on ;

Registering with a doctor
Getting your child or children into school or college
Financial support
Confirming your immigration status
Claiming Child Benefit payments
Free helpline available
Finding your own accommodation
Free local bus travel for Ukrainian guests

Can all be found on The HantsWeb , click here for information

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