Week 6 of the Test Valley Covid-19 Unsung Heroes Award


Unity and Dmitrijs Meiksans MYP are proud to announce the sixth-week winners of the Test Valley COVID-19 Unsung Heroes Award. The award aims to recognise and highlight the amazing people that have gone above and beyond to assist their local communities throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

This week, the shortlisting panel voted to select Julie Neilson from West Tytherley and Ryan Rawlinson from Andover.

One nominator said about Julie, “Julie has been a tireless member of the village care group for years. During the pandemic she has gone out of her way to help scores of lonely isolated people, doing their shopping, collecting medication and helping them out, despite having many caring responsibilities of her own.”

Julie Neilson has blonde shoulder length hair, black sunglasses and is smiling. She is wearing a black top and a Twinnings lanyard.
Julie Neilson

One nominator for Ryan said: “When the school closures were announced this year Ryan quickly realised how many families were struggling to get their children devices for online learning. Ryan set up a fundraising page on Facebook called ‘Tablets for Children’ which quickly raised over £7000. Ryan used this money to buy devices for those children who were not able to access their learning and managed to help over 100 families in Andover and surrounding villages.”

Ryan has short, styled blonde hair, he is sat in a car or van in a grey short sleeved t-shirt.
Ryan Rawlinson

Dmitrijs Meiksans said, “Congratulations to Ryan and Julie for their outstanding work throughout the pandemic, uplifting their communities when both of them were needed most.”

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