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We support organisations and community groups to find new volunteers. Your time and skills will help our sector to thrive and you will be making a vital contribution at the same time!

Volunteering plays a major role in our communities for the benefit of our economy.

Most charities and community support groups depend on volunteers to help deliver their activities. Together they deliver a wide range of essential and popular support services covering health and care, culture, recreation, sport, hobbies and many other interests.

According to the report “The Value Of The Charity Sector” produced by The Charity Commission in 2019, there are 168,000 charities in England and Wales, most of which are small; around 75% have income of less than £100,000, often a lot less!

Almost 1 in 2 adults in the UK volunteer at least once a month, with over 2 billion hours being spent volunteering each year. This is equivalent to 1.25 million full-time employees, similar to the total employment across the manufacturing, construction and property sectors combined!

So there’s plenty of opportunity and clearly, if you want to get involved, you won’t be alone.

Potential volunteers referred

Unemployed people placed

Unemployed people still volunteering after 6 months

‘Figures taken from 2019-2020 impact report’

But why volunteer?

Volunteering is good for you and for all those people that rely on community groups and charities for help and support. So,  what’s in it for you? Why do so many people get involved?

Albert Einstein summed it up like this: “Only a life lived for others is worth living” and the almost as famous Winston Churchill said: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.

Here are more reasons to volunteer:


To develop new skills


To respond to national emergencies


To meet new people


To help a cause that is important to you


To Connect with your community

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Volunteering will give you the opportunity to make new friends, gain a sense of achievement and belonging.

It can also provide an opportunity to put your life skills to good use or learn new skills that may change your life.

Volunteering can open the door to new interests and peace of mind; the only limits are yours.

Unity Review

“Having taken on the task of recruitment and management of the Volunteers to help support the Vaccination programme in the Test Valley, which is what we do so well as an organisation. We recruited over 700 volunteers in 6 weeks. However when it came to actually deliver a Rota that was fair to all, filled any gaps, dealt with last-minute cancellations, this was way above what we had imagined and we knew it was unsustainable with the resources that we had within our teams – my concern was delivering a smooth and consistent army of Volunteers without any disruption to the roll-out of the Clinics. Hence we had to look for an alternative.

One of our Volunteers from TVBC sourced a UK based organisation called Rota Central, who for an extremely competitive licence fee, set up a Bespoke System for Unity. Not only did they work with our instructions, but they were also at hand 24/7 with any issues that we encountered – they answered the phone and were able to deal directly. They took away the strain of a weekly rota that sent reminders to volunteers and filled those last-minute cancellations. It also means that we are in control but the system takes the strain – Paul at Rota Central, you have been a godsend to the smooth and continuous running of the Vaccination Clinics for Unity. Thank you”.

– Christianne Ireland, Voluntary Sector Support Manager

Community Groups

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