Volunteer fined by police for incorrect motor insurance cover


Volunteer fined by police for incorrect motor insurance cover

Are you and your drivers properly insured while driving for your organisation?
A driver was recently stopped by the police while driving on behalf of a charity, and through the subsequent checks and conversation it came to light that the driver’s motor insurance policy did not cover their volunteer driving role. The driver received a fine and points but was able to rectify the policy situation with their insurers before their vehicle was recovered.
This highlights the need for individuals and the organisations that they volunteer for to check that appropriate cover is in place. The best way for an individual to do this is to contact their motor insurer to share details of their volunteering role and ensure this activity is covered by their insurance.
For organisations who have any driving activity undertaken there are two main scenarios.

  • Volunteers driving a vehicle owned/leased or hired by the organisation
  • Volunteers driving their own vehicles on behalf of the organisation

For both scenarios there are a number of checks that should be carried out including;

Reproduced with the kind permission of Community Matters

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