Vaccination as a condition of deployment: extension to self-certification cut-off, and COVID booster reminder


Vaccination as a condition of deployment: extension to self-certification cut-off

While the majority of care home workers are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there are a small number of people working in care homes who believe they meet exemption criteria including being unable to have the vaccination for medical reasons.   A formal process has been in place to enable people to apply for proof of their medical exemption status to ensure they can comply with the regulations. Before that formal process launched, staff were able to self-certify that they meet the medical exemption criteria.   The cut-off date for self-certification for everyone who has registered a self-certification before 24 December has now been extended. This means that self-certification forms will continue to be valid until 31 March 2022, as long as they have been received before 24 December 2021.

See more information and how to apply from GOV.UK

Don’t forget to get your booster vaccine

If you have not already had your COVID booster jab, and it’s been three months or more since your 2nd dose, you can book yours now. You can book an appointment online, contact your local pharmacy, go to a walk-in vaccination site without needing an appointment or contact your GP   The current Infection Control and Testing Fund round 3 (October 21 – March 22) has a vaccination criteria to support providers with the vaccine. Read more on the funding and how you can use it to support you with vaccinations.

See more information on the COVID booster from the NHS

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