Update to the Government’s guidance for multi-purpose community facilities


COVID-19 spreads from person to person through small droplets, aerosols and through direct contact. Singing, playing some musical instruments, shouting and physical activity increases the risk of transmission through small droplets and aerosols.

Where singing takes place, people should continue to follow the social distancing rules and follow the principles of safer singing and performing arts guidance.

Indoors: a group of up to 6 singers will be allowed to perform, or rehearse for performance with social distancing being maintained at all times. Indoor communal singing should not take place.

Outdoors: singing is permitted outdoors in a group of up to 30.

Singing can also take place in multiple groups of 30 outdoors provided it is organised as a permitted organised gathering and follows the guidelines set out in the events guidance for local authorities. Each group must adhere to the legal gathering limits and be kept separate for the duration of the activity. For further information, please see the section on permitted organised activities.

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