Unity, along side Dmitrijs Meiksans MYP, worked together to launch a new service of the charity that aims to help young people in Test Valley have a voice in their local community. The service will also help young people become vital members of the community through developing opportunities and activities, for young people, with young people in mind.

The first step that the new service of the charity took was launching a youth provision survey that would be able to get an idea of the ideas, concerns and issues young people have locally and how these issues can be resolved and ideas brought to life. This survey then went on to create the Youth Provision Report based on the responses of over 800 young people aged 11-18.

Unsung Heroes Award

Supported by Andover Town Council, Romsey Town Council, The Lifestyle Card, Love Andover and Test Valley Borough Council, the ‘Test Valley COVID-19 Unsung Heroes Award’ will run for ten weeks, starting from the 1st March, to recognise two unsung heroes weekly which will be shortlisted from a pool of nominations that will be received by members of the public.

A Unity digital course about Cyberbullying

Delivered By Youth Ambassador, Dmitrijs Meiksans

A day in the life of an MYP

Delivered By Youth Ambassador, Dmitrijs Meiksans
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