Unity Youth

Unity Youth is a service of the charity that aims to help young people in Test Valley have a voice in their local community. This service will also help young people become vital members of the community through developing opportunities and activities, for young people, with young people in mind.

Our Test Valley CHAWD contains details of charities, community groups and healthcare organisations who serve the Test Valley area.


A list of local clubs and activities for our Young People in Andover aged 11 plus.


Local Community events happening in the Test Valley area can be found here



Sarah Gisbourne  is our Community Engagement Officer – Sarah.Gisbourne@unityonline.org.uk


Local Children’s Partnership (LCP) Purpose is to represent the local community, work across organizations and ensure delivery of the Children and Young People’s Plan. To do this, they ascertain local needs, gaps in needs and prioritise them when setting and delivering outcomes across the community.

Test Valley LCP has a Chair, and Vice Chair and a coordinator who supports the chair and vice chair to carry out the local plan.

Emma Lamb is the LCP (local children’s partnership) coordinator- Emma.Lamb@unityonline.org.uk




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