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With another month of lockdown imminent from Thursday 5th November, community and volunteer groups across the borough are once again ready, willing and able to help local residents and provide that bit of extra help they may need. These groups have worked hard to make sure their local residents know how to contact them and now Unity, in partnership with Test Valley Borough Council, are reminding residents that if they’re not sure who their local group is they can also access this support through the Test Valley Community Helpline service.
Whilst this service has continued throughout the entire eight months of the period since the start of the pandemic, more volunteers will be supporting the phone lines in order to help people who are struggling and isolated.
During this lockdown phase, if you need help with prescription collections, to run errands or assistance regarding shopping, then the Helpline is just a phone call away.  Just call 0330 4004 116 and our team will be able to direct you to your local group, as well as advice and support.
Unity Chairman, Dorothy Baverstock BEM said, “Unity are grateful to all the people who have offered their time as volunteers throughout the pandemic.   We have been totally amazed by the response from people of all ages across the borough, who have assisted this organisation with their community support and we are still looking for volunteers who may be willing to help us once again.  Without them and the rural groups, Unity, in partnership with Test Valley Borough Council would not have been able to co-ordinate the community support that has been so effective across Test Valley. Our team are always there to help anyone who is struggling or socially isolated, now, as before or anytime in the future.”
Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Phil North, said: “This is a very difficult time for our communities, but the work that Unity undertakes alongside TVBC continues to be incredibly important.
“I’m very grateful for the efforts of all those who are helping those who need it most, and would encourage anyone who needs to access assistance, to please call the helpline number. It has never stopped and is supported, vitally, by the fantastic work of the various community groups across the borough who have come together when we needed them most.”
Telephone Test Valley Community Helpline 0330 4004 116



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