UEFA European Championship and Domestic Abuse


Why do we need to consider domestic abuse during the UEFA European Championship?
There have been numerous studies and reports1 highlighting the links between major football tournaments and an increase in domestic abuse.

During the last World Cup (2018) the National Centre for Domestic Violence ran national awareness campaigns with the striking headline ‘If England gets beaten so will she’. This was also the conclusion of research by Stuart Kirby, from Lancaster University, which found that domestic violence and abuse against partners and children increased during national football tournaments with prevalence increasing by 26% if the national football team won or drew, and 38% if they lost. It is expected that this will be the case over the period of the upcoming UEFA European Championship.

This year, when considering the delayed Euro 2020 tournament, there are additional factors of concern that may further exacerbate these problems; including the recent and continued lifting of Coronavirus restrictions and potentially some hot weather as well. All of these issues point to a significant increase in domestic abuse and child abuse.

The Home Office (2006) report concluded the police should plan to deal with a surge in domestic abuse cases on major sporting occasions just as they already prepare for public order problems such as fights in town centers. In addition, all services should be prepared for a possible increase in demand for services.

Dates for the UEFA European Championship, the tournament is running between 11 June and 11 July 2021.
First-round England matches fall on the following dates:
• Sunday 13th June 14:00hrs (Croatia)
• Friday 18th June 20:00hrs (Scotland)
• Tuesday 22nd June 20:00hrs (Czech Republic)

Round of 16: Sat 26th June – Tues 29th June
• Quarter Finals: Fri 2nd & Sat 3rd July
• Semi-Finals: Tues 6th & Wed 7th July
• Final: Sun 11th July 20:00hrs

It is recommended that services have extra measures in place between Friday 11th June – Mon 12th July

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