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We would like to let you know about an exciting development we are working on for Connect to Support Hampshire. We will be launching a new directory in May this year called ‘the Marketplace’. This will be a directory of paid services which can help people to manage their care and support needs and help them with their health, wellbeing and independence.
We are introducing this because we have found that, over time, quite a few chargeable services have crept into the existing Community Directory and by introducing a Marketplace we can now be really clear that the Community Directory is for free and low-cost local groups and activities and the Marketplace is for chargeable services.
The new directory will not be a general business/trades directory. We are aiming to cover those categories which we know are particularly useful to residents with care needs. You can see which categories we will be covering under the first question in our FAQs information for providers here. Providers will not be vetted or checked by HCC but this will be made very clear to website visitors who will also be directed to a Buyers Guide (DRAFT – not yet approved as final version – attached).
What we would really value from your organisation are any local providers which you know about, e.g. local handyperson services, mobile hairdressers, gardeners, cleaners, which your communities have found useful. If your own organisation provides any of these services and they are currently on the Community Directory then you should have already been contacted by us, but please feel free to apply online if we have not been in touch yet.
If you can think of any potential contacts please feel free to signpost them to the Marketplace provider information page which has all the relevant information and links to the sign-up form. We can then contact them and hopefully get them on the marketplace ready for its launch later in the year. Equally, if you would prefer to send their details directly to me, feel free to do so and I will ensure their details are passed on.
Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much for your help in advance.
Louise Fagan
Engagement Team Manager
tel: 01962 847539
mobile: 07784265240


Connect to Support Hampshire is managed by Public Consulting Group Ltd (PCG) on behalf of Hampshire County Council.
In this directory we have brought together in one place services which can help Hampshire residents to stay independent and well. All listed providers have agreed to abide by our Code of Conduct.
Neither PCG Ltd nor Hampshire County Council check, recommend or endorse any of the providers listed in this directory. Whilst we have been thoughtful about bringing this information together, Hampshire County Council and/or PCG Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of using the site. You need to make your own checks and feel comfortable about the services you are purchasing.
We have produced this simple checklist to help you when choosing services.
Safety and quality of the service or product

  1. Have you read the County Council Code of Conduct?
  2. Are there any particular kite marks, checks or accreditations you would expect to see?
  3. Make sure you know how to stop or cancel a service.

What will it cost?

  1. When you make initial enquiries ask for quotes.
  2. You can make enquiries to several providers to help you compare value for money.
  3. If you are not sure, ask for a further breakdown or explanation from the provider.
  4. Ask for it in writing (email is fine) before you agree to anything.
  5. Think about how you would like to pay – credit card, PayPal, debit card, invoice and so on.
  6. Make sure the provider knows what you want and that you have all the information you need to help you make an informed decision.

We advise people purchasing services through the Marketplace to seek confirmation and make transactions on line, rather than by phone. This gives you a traceable record.

What to do if things go wrong

  1. Tell the provider and ask them what they will do to put things right and by when.
  2. If there is still a problem ask about their complaints procedure.
  3. Check they are working within the County Council’s Code of Conduct. If you think they are not working within the Code, remind them about it and report it by phone to PCG Ltd on 03300 582 690 or email
  4. If they are registered with the Care Quality Commission, such as a care home or a provider of personal care at home, contact the Care Quality Commission for help to resolve the problem by phone on 03000 616161 or online at
  5. If you pay for care home fees or domiciliary care yourself and are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with, or feel unable to talk to the care provider contact the Local Government Ombudsman by phone on 03000 610614 or online at
  6. If someone has been harmed, or if they could be harmed by something a provider has or has not done, raise a safeguarding concern with the County Council by phone on 0300 555 1386 or online at
  7. If you require consumer advice in relation to goods or services you have purchased, you can contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service by phone on 0808 223 1133 or online at


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