The fifth set of Test Valley Covid-19 Unsung Heroes Award winners announced!


Unity and Dmitrijs Meiksans MYP are proud to announce the fifth recipients that have received the Test Valley COVID-19 Unsung Heroes Award. The award aims to recognise and highlight the amazing people that have gone above and beyond to assist their local communities throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

This week, the shortlisting panel voted to select Irene Williams and Lisa Barnecut from Andover.

One nominator said about Irene, “Irene is a beautiful gentle soul that has been keeping us entertained every Monday doing a live gig on Facebook. She also plays at the care homes with the 4 Toons free and entertains the residents. She has done this every week since March and gives us all a good laugh, brightens our days and is something to look forward to in these strange times. The funny hats and some humorous songs are hilarious. For a lady that has been playing musical instruments and entertaining for 60 years + is amazing. She deserves a medal.”

Irene has a block fringe and chest length dark brown/black hair and a green short sleeved t-shirt. She is sat on a black leather sofa holding her brown guitar.
Irene Williams with her guitar.

Lisa Barnecut from Andover also received the award, nominations said:

“At the start of the pandemic my sister very nearly lost her life because of covid, Our mum was by her side the whole time making sure she was comfortable and taking care of her every need since she couldnt move/breathe by herself. She was putting herself at risk to make sure my sister was going to make it through, and because of my mum my sister did! Not only this my mum is a career on Kingfisher Ward at Andover Hospital and has been battling covid day in day out. Even when she has been emotionally and physically drained she kept fighting alongside the amazing NHS staff. We recently lost my grandad and winning this award would make my mum’s year! She’s an amazing, loving and caring woman and we are blessed to have her.”

Lisa has blonde hair which is styled half up, half down with a block fringe. She has pearl earrings and is smiling.
Lisa Barnecut smiling.

Dmitrijs Meiksans, the organiser of the awards scheme, said, “Irene and Lisa have both showed such an important human touch to the pandemic, how they have been able to connect during such a difficult time is awe-inspiring. Congrats to them both.”

Nominations are still open to nominate your local unsung hero in Test Valley. Visit to recognise someone today.

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