Test Valley Borough Council Community Engagement Officer


TVBC are looking for someone to fill the following role;

TVBC Community Engagement Officer (Young People), To promote and support the overall work of the Community Team by encouraging our communities to reach their full potential and take a lead and resolve issues that are important to them.

Email them at Info@testvalley.gov.uk to apply

Main responsibilities and duties

1.        Support councillors in their capacity as community leaders, and help them achieve and deliver their local priorities.

2.       To provide advice and information to officers, councillors and local communities on engaging with Communities.

3.       To provide advice and practical support to local communities in taking forward initiatives that will provide solutions and better outcomes in matters that they have identified as important to them.

4.       To support all residents’ involvement in the community planning process.

5.       To develop and support community projects to address areas that affect communities, and that encourage people to become actively engaged in activities positive to their local communities.

6.       Coordinate and deliver consultations with communities, groups and agencies on issues or services that affect them, and identify solutions to improve them.

7.       To develop ideas and solutions that aim to encourage young people to become actively engaged in, and  be viewed positively within, their local communities.

8.       To promote positive engagement between young people, other communities, partners, and agencies.

9.         Maintain an overview of needs in youth provision in the district, and work with partners to establish sustainable projects to help address identified gaps.

10.        To develop and/or support the delivery of positive partnership engagement and early intervention schemes for young people.

11.     To identify issues affecting young people and their communities, and to make relevant referrals to partner agencies as applicable.

12.      To represent the authority on the local relevant children and young people working groups, work with agencies, schools and colleges in taking forward the agreed priorities.

13.     Maintain an up to date knowledge of community safety and safeguarding agendas.

To ensure that service delivery complies with current regulations, accepted professional standards, the Council’s policies and procedures and appropriate legislation.  This includes legislation on equalities, health and safety and safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. 

Contacts and relationships

Working in collaboration and partnership, including with:

Elected Members,

Emergency Services,

Voluntary, Charitable, Resident and Community Groups,

Youth Focused Service Providers,

Statutory Organisations,

TVBC Officers Local Residents and Businesses

Working environment

  • This is a primarily an office based role which also requires working in and with communities, with a requirement for some outdoor working.

Contact with the public with potential risk of challenge or abusive behaviour.

CRITERIA Everything included in this section needs to be able to be objectively measured in one of the following ways:  application form, certificates, testing, interview or references

Educational and professional qualifications

Educated to GCSE level with satisfactory literacy and numeracy skills Community Development / Community Safety / Youth Work Qualifications or similar.

Ability to drive with full licence.

Ability to use computers

Knowledge of appropriate safeguarding legislation Knowledge of Community Planning Processes

Experience in working and engaging with young people

Experience in working with agencies, community groups and / or organisations to deliver outcomes for communities

Working with elected councillors and communities Practical knowledge of dealing with anti-social behaviour

Key skills in

Communication including presenting information

Research and investigation

Report writing

Administrative skills – recording and monitoring

Ability to manage projects, events and undertake consultations Partnership working

Ability to be firm and fair and maintain a balanced outlook


Adopt a professional approach and be objective Self-motivated  and ability to work on own initiative

Disclosure and Barring Service check required

Evening and weekend working required Must be able to travel to Hampshire wide locations and occasionally to further locations some of which may not be easily accessible by public transport.

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