Strong Parents-Strong Children International Parents' Programme Begins!


Strong Parents-Strong Children International Parents’ Programme Begins!
Following the announcement from Unity earlier this year with regards to the successful bid awarded from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund, the international Strong Parents-Strong Children parenting programme for military families commenced. Unity are pleased to be working in partnership with the Worthy Down Army Welfare Service team on this project.
An intensive piece of work has been completed to translate the 12 week course manual from German to English. Selected individuals took part on the four-day training programme this week with the Deutscher Kinderschutzbund trainer Paula Honkanen-Schoberth.  These key individuals will deliver the Strong Parents-Strong Children parents’ course to military families within the Worthy Down, Andover, Middle Wallop, Marchwood and Thorney Island areas.
Yvonne Freeman, Unity Project Manager said, “The training week has gone very well and the team are excited to move forward with the programme. We will now focus on promoting the programme to parents and courses will begin in the New Year”.
Paula Honkanen-Schoberth said, “It was an exciting week because this is a special offer that we are doing for the first time with the Army Welfare Service. The trainers were very engaged and active and have a very good foundation with their experience with Army families.  We are convinced that our course in co-operation with Unity and the Army Welfare Service will support parents and children to maintain and build positive relationships and strengthen parents and children in every respect.”
The international programme has been implemented across Germany, is delivered in 16 other countries and translated into eight languages. It has been successfully used for over 16 years providing continuity to 160,000 parents – 240,000 children worldwide.

From left to right
Yvonne Freeman (Unity Project Manager), Cathy Sherlock (AWS), Janine Shipley (AWS), Paula Honkanen-Schoberth (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund trainer), Simon Dodd (AWS) and Jenna Foster (AWS)

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