State of the Sector Survey


From Unity, on behalf of the Hampshire CVS Network.  We work together to provide support, development and representation for local charities, community groups and social enterprises.
Every two years we send a ‘State of the Sector’ survey to charities, community groups and social enterprises in Hampshire.  Our objective is to understand the current realities of life for Hampshire’s voluntary sector, so that we can better influence local stakeholders and partners.
We’d be most grateful if you would complete the survey by Friday 13th March.  And please forward this e-mail to other colleagues and friends who work or volunteer in a Hampshire charity, community group or social enterprise.
The survey asks 30 questions but many of them are just quick tick boxes.  On average, it takes around 14 minutes to complete the survey.  The questions are about: your services; finance; volunteers; staff (if relevant); impact; the future; and demographics.  You can tell us as much or as little as you wish – no questions are ‘compulsory’.
Why should you complete the survey?
The results of the survey will enable us to work more effectively on your behalf.  For example, if we have a clearer idea of the sector’s skills needs (staff and volunteers), we can lobby Hampshire’s Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to ensure our skills needs are met.  And we can help stakeholders to understand the impact and value of the sector by telling them about the amazing work that is going on in Hampshire.  We will make the results of the survey publicly available (no names will be included) which may assist you when making funding applications.
With many thanks for your support, Terry Bishop
If you have any questions or queries, please contact:

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