Social Distancing Lanyards


Opensight have developed and produced social distancing lanyards.  The aim is to alert people to the fact that the wearer is visually impaired and unable to take responsibility for social distancing. You can find out more and buy them here.
Zoe Hanscombe from Opensight kindly gave us the background story:
“After feedback from our Visually Impaired groups across Hampshire through our regular Zoom sessions, on the anxieties and worries they have and have experienced since social Lock down and  distancing,  the Open Sight Hampshire team needed to create something to support anyone with a visual impairment and also bring awareness to the general public the difficulties faced by people with sight loss during these times. So we are excited to announce that our Social Distance Lanyards are now available to purchase from our website for £3.50p which includes free postage and packing.
These messages have been designed to help bring awareness to the general public that most Visually Impaired and blind people are unable to judge distance or see what is around them.
Each lanyard message is in a clear plastic wallet and has a bump on to indicate the front.
The front message is large bold black text on a yellow background and reads ‘I’m visually impaired I cannot see to social distance.’
There is a large eye symbol below the message with one half of the eye stroked out to indicate visual impairment, we can also add the hearing impaired symbol if you require it.
On the other side the message it reads ‘I’m visually impaired please tell me when it’s my turn.’ This could be useful when having to queue.
We can also offer customised messages, so if you have a particular message you would like put on our lanyard, please get in touch with Nicky or Zoe at Open Sight Hampshire!
Each lanyard and message are £3.50p each including free postage and packing. You can order and pay via Paypal, debit card or telephone our office 02380 641 244.
Here is the link to find out more and to order:
Zoe Hanscombe
Smartphone Advisor & VI working Age Co-ordinator
Office 02380 641244

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