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During the current COVID-19 lockdown and social Isolation Smokefree Hampshire would like to reassure you and your clients that we are still here to help people stop smoking and improve their lung health.
We are now offering telephone clinics where a friendly adviser will phone to help your client to stop smoking and give them support on living without cigarettes such as how to deal with cravings, dealing with withdrawal symptoms and can provide a direct supply of NRT, e-cigarette voucher or letter of recommendation for Champix.
You can continue to refer clients to Smokefree Hampshire directly via:

Clients can also self-refer by calling our service Quitline on 01264 563039 or 0800 772 3649.
 Further can be found on
 Client comment:
“Really helpful service who have always been very encouraging.”
“Excellent service.  Supported my Dad who had smoked for 50 + years.
“Really helpful and amazing service, the lady that calls us each week is so supportive. “

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