Refined Issues and Options Consultation for the next Local Plan


The Council is preparing our next Local Plan for the Borough.
A Local Plan has to be based upon national planning guidance (National Planning Policy Framework and Planning Practice Guidance), the evidence that we have collected and have taken into account, and what the Council and our communities see as the key planning issues.
The Council has published for public participation its Refined Issues and Options document. This is the second stage of preparing the next Local Plan, which follows the Issues and Options consultation in 2018.
As a non statutory ‘stepping stone’ stage this Refined Issues and Options document sets out:

  • What has happened recently and what is currently underway which is of relevance
  • Headline feedback from Issues and Options consultation (held in 2018)
  • The issues which we will be focusing on in preparing the next Local Plan. This includes meeting housing need, addressing climate change and supporting the economy

The aim of the document is to present further detail in regards to the progress made in preparation for the next Local Plan, prior to the forthcoming formal stages which will include more detailed and specific policies and proposals. The consultation includes issues covering: housing, employment, the environment and infrastructure. The potential options we’ve identified may not through be the only ones, and you can suggest other alternatives, if you think there are more.
The outcome of the consultation will inform the next draft Local Plan Preferred Approach (Regulation 18) consultation, which will set out the Council’s future vision and strategy for the Borough, the overall scale of development, proposed locations for development allocations, and policies which will be used in determining planning applications.
Consultation Process
The Refined Issues and Options document was been approved by the Council’s Cabinet for a 8 week public consultation period running from 3rd July to 28th August 2020. The document is available on our website
If you are unable to access the consultation on our website please contact us, to discuss potential alternative arrangements.
An addendum has also been approved to the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement in Planning 2017 (SCI), which sets out how we will undertake consultation on planning matters. Whilst coronavirus restrictions and need for social distancing apply, we will temporarily undertake revised consultation methods on planning policy documents. These are strictly temporary to reflect the exceptional circumstances resulting from coronavirus and will cease to apply, as soon as it is safe to do so. Details are available on our website
How to Comment
Comments on the Refined Issues and Options document should either be:

  • Sent in writing to Planning Policy and Economic Development, Test Valley Borough Council, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3AJ; or
  • Emailed to

Please provide your name and either a postal or email address. If you are responding on behalf of someone else, please also provide the name of the individual/organisation. Please note that emails are subject to a maximum 30Mb size limit, above which they will not be received.
Only those representations that are made in writing and arrive (in either hard copy or electronically) within the 8 week period ending at 4.30pm on Friday 28 August 2020 will have the right to have their representations considered. If you respond to this consultation, we will keep you informed of future consultation stages unless you advise us that you want to opt out of such communication.
The next Local Plan will take a number of years to prepare and following this consultation there will be at least two further opportunities for you to have your say. We will use the results of this consultation to prepare a ‘Preferred Options’ full draft Local Plan. This will be a first draft Local Plan and contain more detailed policies and proposals.
For information, the Council is in the process of updating its Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report. There will be an opportunity to comment on the draft document in the near future. Details will be published on the Council’s website when this document is available for comment at:
Sharing your personal details
Please note that representations cannot be treated as confidential. If you are responding as an individual, rather than as an organisation, we will not publish your contact details (email/postal address and telephone number) or signatures online, however the original representations will be available for public viewing at our offices by prior appointment. All representations and related documents will be held by the Council for a period of 6 months after the next Local Plan is adopted.
The Council respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. Further details on the General Data Protection Regulation and Privacy Notices are available on our website

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