Period Poverty in Test Valley


What is period Poverty ?

Period poverty is a lack of access to sanitary products and menstrual hygiene education often due to financial constraints.

What are Test Valley Borough council doing about it ?

The Council recognises that period poverty is an issue that affects people in a number of ways and that there is often a stigma attached which can prevent people from seeking the support they need. The Council fully supports everyone in Test Valley being able to access education and sanitary products.  

There are a range of initiatives both at a national level and locally to promote awareness of period poverty and to provide support and access to free period products. Contact with organisations and groups in Test Valley has not identified any specific gaps in provision and the Council is keen to ensure that this continues to be the case.

Details of the work provision across the borough can be found in the report. Click here to view

In order to further increase availability, the Council will provide free period products in the customer toilets in its main office reception areas and in the customer toilets at The Lights. It has also created a dedicated area on its website to provide more information and promote awareness

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