Now that’s what we call a special person


Sometimes you meet people who leave a lasting impression and Sam Otter is most definitely one of them.  An Andover man, Sam was a purchasing specialist for an international bank in Canary Wharf.  After retiring he soon began to have itchy feet and decided to become a volunteer driver, something he has been doing for many years not only for Unity but also for another local charity, Andover Mencap.

At the Unity Conference in November, Sam was asked to talk about the impact being a volunteer driver made to the lives of people in rural communities.  He did this with real enthusiasm and for good measure also talked eloquently as to how his life had changed by becoming a volunteer driver and the difference made by moving from the ‘World of must haves’ to the caring world of volunteering.

People attending the Unity Conference waxed lyrically about his speech and just how inspirational he was and as a result, he was interviewed by Andover Radio after the event.

Sam said “In the jargon of Canary Wharf volunteering is a “Win-Win situation” the community benefits and the individual benefits too, added to which the rewards are tax-free”.

Terry Bishop, Unity Chief Executive said, “Sadly Sam is moving out of the area soon and we will be extremely sad to see him go.  He has been utterly committed to helping our customers and there has been more than one occasion when he has had to deal with a serious health concern for one of the service users which he has handled brilliantly.  Sam is a special kind of person and he will be missed by us all”

It takes a compassionate and caring person to give so much and if you think you have the skills to join a kind and friendly team AND have a clean D1 license, please contact Unity for further information. 

We really do want to hear from you.

Contact Terry Bishop, Chief Executive

0330 4004 116

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