New Youth Board at Winchester Science Centre


It’s time for the kids to take charge at Winchester Science Centre. The independent educational charity is on the hunt for 20 fun, creative, ambitious, and opinionated young people to create its brand-new youth board. The dynamic new Young Steering Group will drive change at the Science Centre and throughout the charity. They will put new exhibits through their paces through rigorous testing. There will be new explosive demos that need approval. And they will have the unique opportunity to represent the voices of all young people in some of STEM’s (science, technology, engineering, and maths) most important topics.

Applications have opened today for the most important job at Winchester Science Centre. Children aged between 6-11 from the South of England are needed to form the charity’s new Young Steering Group. With children at the heart of everything the charity does, who better to help guide the Science Centre’s management team, than children themselves. The new recruits will make sure that everything at the Science Centre is fun, inclusive, immersive, interactive, and accessible. The group will also be vital in helping to shape the future of the charity. By giving the management team advice on scientific topics that are important to young people, helping to determine how the charity is making a difference and speaking to other young people, they will be key to ensuring that STEM is accessible to everyone.

Anyone can join the Young Steering Group. It is a place to build confidence, promote diversity and overcome inequalities in STEM. Some previous members had lots of STEM knowledge, some had none. Wanting to make a difference and represent other children is key to being picked for this role. Everyone is welcome, especially children from underrepresented groups in STEM such as those living in low-income households, children living with disabilities, young carers and children not in formal education. The group will be champions for diversity and inclusivity, coming from all different backgrounds with lots of different life experiences.

Ben Ward, Chief Executive of Winchester Science Centre, said, “We believe that all children should have the opportunity to improve their lives, the lives of others and ultimately life on Earth through STEM. And who better to help us achieve this goal than children themselves. I can’t wait to be put through my paces by our new Young Steering Group. I’m looking forward to working side by side with them over the next year.”

To be considered for this hugely important role, children need to show the Science Centre management team how passionate they are about wanting to join the group. This can be done in writing, by video, with a drawing; the possibilities are endless. Applications need to be in by Friday, 18 February. More information on how to apply can be found at vacancy-young-steering-group

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