New Wellbeing Course From Lighthouse Andover



Here are some key points about this new Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Group:

  • It’s a 12-week group facilitated in a peer mentoring style, providing the tools for self-management to help increase confidence, self-worth, and wellbeing.
  • Topics covered will include anxiety, depression, shame, anger, disappointment & loss, perfectionism, forgiveness, self-acceptance, healthy relationships, and resilience.
  • A key aim is to build a ‘resilience and wellbeing tool-kit’ as a group over the 12 weeks.
  • The group will start off online and may move to face-to-face meetings as restrictions lift.
  • These groups are designed for people who wish to invest in their emotional and mental wellbeing – i.e., those with either no or low-level emotional/ mental health challenges.

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