New 0-19 Public Health Nursing Service for Hampshire



From 1st August 2020, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust (SHFT) will be delivering a new transformed service for Health Visiting, School Nursing and Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) in partnership with Barnardo’s as Hampshire Healthy Families.
Building on many years’ experience as the local 0-19 public health nursing services provider, they will continue to offer the Healthy Child Programme to children, young people and families alongside their key partners.
Health visiting, school nursing and FNP services are based on national priorities for public health and the health and wellbeing of our Hampshire 0-19 children, young people and their families. Along with their partners, the Trust plays a crucial role in ensuring children have the best start in life through the delivery of prevention and early intervention public health programmes that lie at the heart of universal services for children and families.
As the provider of 0-19 services, school-age immunisation services, underpinned by our Child Health Information Service, the Trust looks forward to maintaining high standard of care while transforming services to meet new and developing needs within Hampshire’s communities.
Never has there been a more challenging time to implement a new service. The Trust is very mindful of the difficulties that COVID-19 continues to present to us all and want to make sure they are able to deliver their new service within this environment by being flexible and responsive to new ways of working with our partners, children, young people and families.
The focus for service delivery for children, young people and families is to improve access to and the experience of the service, to improve outcomes and reduce health inequalities.
The changes will you start seeing include:

  • A five year contract in partnership with Barnardo’s providing a community level local offer to build resilience within communities through group support and volunteer networks
  • A focus on those families who need more support with a named public health nurse (health visitor or school nurse) for those most vulnerable up to the age of 7yrs
  • A described pathway with additional contacts and support packages for those families most in need, including an extended FNP service for young parents across Hampshire
  • A “light touch” universal offer for families empowered to seek their own support
  • A new “digital offer” including video appointments, parenting webinars and on-line groups, with a new Hampshire Healthy Families website easily accessible to families, young people and partners with a range of information and peer support for all ages
  • A refocus on public health support to schools and educational settings
  • A greater opportunity for staff, partner and children, young people and families engagement and participation in service development and innovation

For more information please go to the  Hampshire Healthy Families website at:

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