Mandatory vaccination requirements for frontline health and social care staff working in CQC regulated settings


On  6 January 2022,  the Government made new legislation, approved by Parliament, which amended the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014. This extends the scope of mandatory  vaccination requirements for staff beyond registered care homes to health and wider social care settings in England.  For those front line care workers working in a CQC regulated setting,  who are not yet vaccinated,  they will need to receive their first dose of the vaccine by 3 February, in order to be fully vaccinated by the 1 April, when the regulations come into force. Read the updated legislation.  More information is available. You may also find it useful to see the timeline of key dates leading up to 1 April. (If you are unable to open the timeline from this alert, you can find it on our Vaccination webpage)

A full list of venues is available, where your staff can receive their vaccinations. This is regularly updated as new facilities become available

If your staff are having trouble finding a nearby walk in centre then please contact the NHS helpline which can help to signpost callers to their nearest walk-in centre. The helpline is open seven days a week between 8am and 8pm on 0300 561 0018.

For those staff who have already received their COVID vaccine, it is important that they protect themselves and those that they care for by having the COVID Booster vaccine. The following  letter from our health leaders in Hampshire gives you and your staff more information about why it is  important to maximise protection in this way. (If you are unable to open the link from this alert, go to our Vaccination page and see the letter in the Booster section)  

Staff who refuse the vaccination will not be able to engage in care work in the relevant settings beyond 1 April. The County Council is aware that this will cause additional pressure for providers who may already be struggling with staffing. The County Council urges all providers to update their contingency plans and Business Continuity Plans to reflect the impact of this requirement and to plan accordingly to maintain vital care to Hampshire residents. Should you have significant concerns regarding your ability to deliver care beyond 1 April, please contact for further discussion.

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