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These latest tips have been kindly supplied by Populo.

  1. CIPD return to work guide process chart is a really helpful way of breaking down the steps to managing the return to work for your employees.

To access this information you will need to register (free) with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development:

  1. Restructuring and redundancies

The need to restructure and make redundancies maybe a likely outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is important to follow a fair process to avoid potential claims of breach of contract/unfair dismissal and carry out in GOOD TIME.
A fair procedure will include:

  • Consultation with employees 1:1 in good time, and collectively if over 20 employees at risk of redundancy (there is no time period for consultation if less than 20 employees being made redundant)
  • Outline the business reasons for the proposed restructure or redundancies to your employees
  • Engage with employees in meaningful consultation considering options to avoid redundancies, e.g. pay cut, reduced hours, change of role etc.
  • After end of consultation period, give notice of dismissal and outline Statutory Redundancy Pay and other monies owed, e.g. any accrued annual leave
  • Allow appeal against dismissal (follow a similar appeal process for disciplinary procedure)
  • Note: you cannot claim back redundancy payments, or payments in lieu of notice, under the furlough scheme.


  1. Home working

The key elements of a homeworking policy should include:

  • Health and safety risk assessments of the home working environment
  • Insurance implications for employer and employee
  • Expenses policy including equipment, stationery, printing, travel etc.
  • Confidentiality and security of data
  • Agree a working pattern and how you will communicate
  • Tax implications
  • Trial period?
  • Change location of work in employment contract if ongoing agreement
  • HR policies continue to apply, e.g. sickness, annual leave reporting


  1. Guide to bereavement

The CIPD has just produced a guide to compassionate bereavement support which may be helpful for those of you that are managing employees who are bereaved. Download it here.
Sonia Wilson MA, Chartered FCIPD
07584 731420

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