Organising and decluttering service

At Unity we offer practical and sympathetic help to organise a home that might have been affected by disorganisation and clutter.

We pride ourselves in working for our clients, led by them in achieving a safer user-friendly home environment in which to live in independently. We ensure the continuity of the same support worker working closely with you in order to build a trusting friendship.

For those struggling, we have specialist staff who may be able to help with the physical side of clearing and sorting items. We also help by future-proofing your progress by putting relevant and sustainable systems in place to help you maintain a comfortable home.

Our staff are professional and experienced and are able to provide practical in-person help with a person-centred approach to helping each individual.

The main priority is to work on improving people’s health alongside safety and their wellness, in a non-judgmental way, that works at a pace which you are happy with.

Please note this is not a house clearance service.

For more information please contact Unity Organising and Decluttering Service on 0330 4004 116 or email


“Jenny came to see what was needed and we made an appointment to start.  After a day and a half, with Jenny’s support, all the boxes were finished.
Jenny was professional but caring and friendly.  We chatted about everything as we were sorting and the time flew by.

I am truly grateful and very happy this happened.
Unity is giving the support needed by so many.
Nicki and Jenny have made an enormous difference!” – Maureen, June 2023 


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Andy for all his hard work with the case. He really has gone above and beyond to ensure the future housing of our client and also make it possible for us to safeguard him from any further risk.” – Aster Group 

Resources and Other Support

Help for Hoarders – Help for compulsive hoarders and their families

OCD UK – A national OCD charity, run by and for people with lived experience of OCD

OCD Action – Provide support and information to anybody affected by OCD

Children of Hoarders – All-volunteer, not-for-profit run by adult children of hoarders for children of hoarders.

Anxiety Care UK – Provide a variety of services, helping people to recover from anxiety

Hoarding Disorders UK Icebreaker Form

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