Help the Test Valley Elves to deliver the Christmas Cracker 2020



With Christmas approaching, RCS and Romsey Foodbank felt it was more important than ever to make sure our resources reached all of those in need across the Test Valley. So they joined together with faith groups, Foodbanks, voluntary groups and the Borough Council to pull together to deliver the Christmas Cracker 2020.
The Christmas Cracker is a selection of Christmas treats, Ingredients/recipes for five main meals, ‘do-it together’ creative resource pack, books/board games and a Christmas message from local school children.  Supportive agencies information will also be included, giving them pathways of support.
So, the elves of Test Valley have been busy starting to count up the all items and packing up the ambient food, and next is the packing up of the books, games/puzzles and completion of delivery routes.
Next week our lovely Volunteers and staff are going to add all of the fresh meat and vegetables and deliver out to homes across the North and South of Test Valley on the afternoons of the 21st and 22nd of December.

We are still requiring some help with deliveries from 12pm to 3pm on Monday and Tuesday so if you are willing to help please email with the day and area you are in. Looking for mainly the Andover area if anyone is free.
Thank you to all that are helping to make Christmas Cracker 2020 a success.

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