Unity Health and Care

The Unity Health and Care Team deliver support services into communities across the Test Valley and beyond, aiming to build community resilience and support those members of our communities who may be vulnerable.

We pride ourselves in the quality of service we deliver which is a testament to the staff team who are highly experienced in the care and support sector.  

They draw on their knowledge base of all the other agencies, charities and community groups across the area to link people who are isolated or who wish to widen their social network into groups and activities, and where that is not possible or appropriate we look to fill the gap with the services that we deliver.

This has become more important than ever during the pandemic, and we have worked hard to support our communities in all the ways we can.

In 2020 we achieved…

Referrals from a variety of agencies and individuals

People helped with social isolation

People helped with improving their living environment

‘Figures taken from 2019-2020 impact report’

Our Services

Information and Advice Line

Set up to respond to the immediate needs of the community created by the first Covid lockdown, this free service is still responding to requests from members of the community who need help in these difficult times. Working with our wonderful volunteer teams and community groups we have delivered vital supplies of medicines and shopping through the last year, particularly those who were shielding or Covid positive and needing to isolate. Although the national guidelines are changing, we are still here to help people find solutions to some of the problems caused by Covid. To contact the Information and Advice Line please call 0330 4004 116 or email on info@unityonline.org.uk.

Home Support Service

This service delivers home support to those people who need a little bit of assistance at home to enable them to maintain their independence. Our team will help with many tasks that can sometimes become too much, for example paperwork and form filling, benefit claims and health issues as well as shopping assistance, dealing with utility companies or other large organisations and also including bereavement issues and support. This support is available for either the short or long term and for more information regarding this chargeable service please contact Unity on 0330 4004 116 or email info@unityonline.org.uk.

Decluttering Service

Unity provides a specialist, chargeable service for people who need help in decluttering their home. Our service is designed to provide support to clients who have an area of their home they wish to sort through and reorganise or declutter. There can be many reasons why a client would require support to declutter such as mobility issues, disabilities, health problems or just simply feel overwhelmed with the task at hand. We work closely to bring about an effective solution to improve health and wellbeing, working on a one-to-one basis with clients who approach us directly and also commissions from statutory agencies who are looking to resolve a problem for their own clients. For more information please contact Unity Decluttering Service on 01264 523490 or email info@unityonline.org.uk.

Unity Companion Line

This free service is available to those people in our community who feel they need a bit more support to get back to their normal lives following the Covid pandemic. We use volunteers to follow up calls made to the Information and Advice Line to ensure that vulnerable members of our communities still have the help and support they may need at this time. If you know someone who may benefit from this service, or you would like to volunteer to support vulnerable people in our communities, please contact Unity on 0330 4004 116 or email info@unityonline.org.uk.
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