HCC seeks Bame community participation in Covid impact research


Are you a member of the BAME community? if so we would especially like to invite you to participate in a discussion on how Coronavirus affects all our communities and how we can keep Hampshire safe.
We are committed to listening to all communities about how Coronavirus is affecting the lives of our diverse communities.  We are hosting conversations with a range of diverse groups so that public health bodies can fully understand and work with all communities to manage coronavirus and its effects.
The conversation will cover:

  • how coronavirus affects our lives (our work, family life, social activity, travel. shopping and accessing other services)
  • wider effects on our health and well-being
  • views on the measures you are being asked to take to protect yourself and others from infection, on testing and vaccination
  • the cultural considerations public health bodies need to be aware of and address
  • how information advice and support can reach more people and be accessible to all
  • how on-going conversations and understanding can be further developed

The initial conversations will taking place between over the next few weeks in small groups using Zoom.   We may not be able to cover everything all at once and the picture is continually changing so we intend to be organising on-going opportunities for further conversations.
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER – for a Zoom conversation on your preferred date

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