Hampshire Network Community Digital Workshop


Reaching Out to the Community! Working Together!

Date: Thursday 23rd September 2021 4:00pm – 5:00pmH

Areas highlighted:

  • Health and Wellbeing – How Community Organisations are dealing with Health and Mental Wellbeing post lockdown including Social Care and Counselling.
  • Community Infrastructure Partnership (CIP) – Goal: “To enshrine the spirit of collaboration and common purpose amongst the Hampshire CVS Partners – looking at Smart Partnerships and Networking. 
  • Employment Skills and Entrepreneurship including Social Entrepreneurship – Safeguarding jobs – Social Enterprise and Digital Employment strategies to help Charities and Non – Profit Organisations including Govt. Career Skills and Training Schemes e.g. The National Career Service Scheme, Apprenticeships… 
  • The Great Green Big Week 18th – 26th September – Looking at the Hampshire Environmental and Climate Change Management Plan – From using natural resourcesmore efficiently and sustainably to actions taken by the Community to cope with climate change. e.g. environmentally friendly Community Transport schemes; Investing in energy efficient appliances, recycling; reducing waste… 
  • Progress of The Hampshire 2050 Commission – established to guide and contribute to the future prosperity, quality of life, protection and enhancement of the character and environment of Hampshire and to provide a framework for future plans, strategies. and ways of working.

For further information, please email yvetteobika@gmail.com

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