Hampshire Local Plan Consultation


Hampshire County Council are currently consulting on a new Local Transport Plan for Hampshire and invite you to participate in the consultation.
The County Council is asking for views on a vision, desired outcomes and the guiding principles behind a NEW Hampshire Local Transport Plan.  This is the start of a conversation, that will go live in the new year, that we want to have with as wide a group of interested parties as possible to help develop a new transport strategy and plan.
Since 2001, Hampshire’s Local Transport Plan has set the objectives, policies and strategy for transport across the County, helping people to maintain their quality of life and go about their daily business. Seven years have now passed since the Plan was last updated, and there is a need to review outcomes and design principles in the changed context of new technologies, the pandemic and increased focus on active lifestyles and the challenges of climate change.
You are invited to influence the early development of the new Local Transport Plan by sharing your views on the emerging:

  • Vision: What will our transport system look like in 2050?
  • Outcomes: What are we trying to achieve in terms of climate change, economy, the environment and society?
  • Guiding Principles: How we will change the way in which we plan and deliver transport?

To view more information and leave your feedback, visit:

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