Hampshire County Council Adults’ Services – Please be vigilant to online scams


It was brought to Hampshire County Council Adults’ Services attention last week that a scam had sought to extract money from a Hampshire Care provider. The provider received an email purporting to be from Hampshire County Council, which asked them to make their due payment to a new bank account and details for payment were provided.  

It became apparent that the providers email account had been compromised, and a number of emails had been seized by the scammer before the request for payment to a new bank account was issued.

Please don’t click on links in any emails that you are concerned are not from Hampshire County Council and be vigilant if you receive a communication which you aren’t sure about. Please follow the guidance below to maintain your data security:

  • Always check that the email address ends hants.gov.uk
  • If you are being asked to make an unexpected change or change a pattern/process please check with a different communication channel with the relevant party that this is a genuine request.
  • Local Authorities rarely change their bank accounts – Hampshire County Council would NOT tell you that details on the back of the invoice were incorrect and to pay a different account
  • Hampshire County Council’s Integrated Business Centre (IBC) will call providers if they send changes  to bank details through the portal.
  • Keep your virus software up to date – not just to protect payments but also to ensure that service user and representatives information that you hold or receive from Hampshire County Council is safe and protected as well.

Reporting Potential Scams

If you have been the victim of a payment scan, you can get a crime reference number by reporting it to your local Police station.

If you have clicked on a link, provided any personal data such as your bank account details on a website or over the phone or you’re concerned that you have been compromised, you should also report the scam to Action Fraud the national fraud reporting centre.

To report a spam text forward the text to 7726. You may get an automated response thanking you for the report and giving you further instructions if needed.

Visit Ofcom for more information. 

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