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Growing for the Community


Unity run two vegetable plots –  Vigo Road Allotments in Andover, and our new plot outside of Andover near Penton Mewsey, called Long Acre.

Both of these plots will help support the cost of living crisis, and help sustain the Travelling Pantry with fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit.

There is plenty of development scope in learning new skills, helping to support wellbeing, education around how to grow, cook and eat, and learning the properties of healthy living.

See below to find out how you can be involved.

Volunteer projects Veg and fruit in baskets

Vigo Road allotment in Andover

This is a well-established double allotment plot with greenhouse, polytunnel, and sheds.

Over the last year we have been growing seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit for the Andover Food Pantry at Spring Meadow. We are now concentrating on providing for the Unity Travelling pantry, covering two of the rural areas in the Test Valley.

We have 2 volunteers now who help support the project, as this helps with wellbeing and learning new skills. This is an all-year-round project, as there is aways plenty to do even in the Winter months, where we get mulching and ready for the new season.

Volunteer support is vital for the project and we also are able to facilitate employee working party days.

Long Acre near Penton Mewsey

Towards the end of 2023, we have secured a long-term lease on another plot just outside Andover. The plot is on a farm where the area we will be working has been set aside for many years. We are in the process of getting it up and running. This has its challenges as we are starting from the ground up! Again, volunteer support is vital to the sustainability of the project. Not only will it help with providing fresh vegetables and fruit to the communities that we serve but it will also help with the following.

  • Improving the environment, including culvert clearing and other waterways; introduction of plants and wildflowers to support the growth of bees, butterflies and other pollenating insects.
  • Heritage and ancient land conversation as the farm is steeped in history (e.g.: burial sites).


We also have a growing partnership with Sparsholt College that will offer access to the latest research in sustainable food production.

Long Acre summer field view.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a team of willing and able volunteers to help with two working party days.
These would be Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 to 13:00.

Do you have the skills?

We would welcome anyone who would like to be involved, and this includes people who have maintenance, growing or gardening skills.

Please note

This is an outdoor volunteering opportunity, so dressing accordingly based on the seasons and weather is advised.

Get in touch

If you feel that you would like to help support this vital project, please email christianne.ireland@unityonline.org.uk

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