Getting started and using LinkedIn for young people aged 16-25


A youth skills day special!

Just finished school? Looking for a summer internship? Looking for a mentor or thinking about career choices?

Want to know how to use LinkedIn to create connections, expand your knowledge and begin your personal development journey?

UK Youth has partnered with LinkedIn to provide opportunities for young people in our network to gain vital support and insight into finding employment. We have an incredible opportunity to support young people within the UK Youth Movement.

The webinar is on Youth Skills Day (Thursday 15th July) from 17:00 – 18:00 via Zoom.

This webinar will be hosted by LinkedIn to guide how you can benefit from employment and training opportunities on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn Coaches session is a series of short step by step guides that will you to understand the importance, reach and need for a LinkedIn profile, opening up a network of opportunities for future carers.

The webinar will be delivered by two of LinkedIn’s staff and there will be the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the platform. All attendees will also receive a free premium account upgrade.

Your youth club must be a part of the UK Youth Movement to join this session. Please contact for more information.

Please use this link ( to register & receive an invite to the session

For more information and access to resources and events to support young people join the UK Youth Movement –

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