Exhibit at Get Inspired Test Valley 2022


Get Inspired Test Valley is back! Come and join the many other Test Valley businesses to inspire young people about the diversity of jobs available on their doorstep. By the age 15/16, over one-third of their career interests lie in just 10 occupations.

To overcome this, businesses need to come together to make the variety of occupations more visible for young people to aspire to. We need you to showcase the great work and job roles taking place in the area.

We want give 11 to 16 year-olds the opportunity to gain a real understanding of the broad range of exciting career paths that the diverse businesses in and around the area have to offer through interactive activities.

The benefits of attending are:

  • It is an exciting, fun, interactive event that showcases the work of employers and career opportunities.
  • It inspires young people to aspire to job roles in your industry – often young people don’t aspire to job roles because they don’t know they exist or what they involve.
  • Your organisation can help reduce future skills gaps by attending this event – research has shown it is important that young people are inspired by businesses from a young age.

This event is a proactive way for businesses to give back to your community and support the economic growth of the local area.

Exhibiting Costs

There is a cost to attend. The cost to exhibit is £250+VAT per event (unless exempt) and if you book three events the fourth is free of charge.

Organisations that are exempt are charities, colleges or organisations with less than 50 staff, a partner, sponsor or they are providing a donation. Being exempt means no fee is charged for the event they are supporting.


If you wish to attend this exciting event please complete the online booking form. 

Booking Form

Partnership and Sponsorship

An Event Partner will want to be at the forefront of providing young people with essential opportunities to connect them to businesses and recognise a collaborative approach from different industries has a higher impact and creates more opportunities for young people. As the headline sponsor your organisation will become the official partner of the event with your organisation named in the title e.g. ‘Get Inspired Test Valley in Partnership with YOUR ORGANISATION’.

  • Free exhibition stand and first choice of exhibition stand within the venue
  • Additional exhibiting space provided
  • Invitation to VIP event on the day (if applicable)
  • Named partner for on pre event marketing, on the day event material, PR and post event material
  • Named partner on the infographic which shows the impact of the event

A sponsor is a forward thinking organisation looking to invest in their future talent and work collectively to help increase the aspirations of young people. The event sponsor is recognised during and after the event.  

  • Free exhibition stand and a choice of exhibition space
  • Logo on the on the day event material and post event material  
  • Logo on the infographic which shows the impact of the event

To find out more please contact the events team on events@ebpsouth.co.uk

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