Free workshops for adults to develop crucial life-saving skills


Alt: A laptop sat on a wooden table, with people in a video conference call, and a mug on the left hand side

The British Red Cross are offering some free workshops (for adults aged 19+), which will help people learn skills to help in an emergency, connect with others and build confidence and coping skills.

  • Adapt to and recover from adversity: This workshop will allow someone to speak openly about how challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic have impacted on people, positively or negatively. You will learn to help yourself and others adapt and recover by building practical and emotional skills that help when faced with a crisis.
  • Tackling loneliness: This workshop gives participants the chance to speak openly about how it might feel to be lonely or isolated and learn skills to help others who may be suffering.

All of their workshops are available to book digitally by clicking this link. In some locations across the UK, they also have face-to-face workshops available for the groups and communities who need it most. If you would like to find out more about their face to face workshops click this link.

If you would like more information, please contact them directly: or call 0344 412 2734.

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