Free Trauma Training


Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones has been awarded Home Office funding to deliver a trauma-informed training programme regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and being Trauma-Informed.  Part of this enables them to offer free training to volunteers who directly support young people (for example through mentoring support).

Training will be approx. 3 hrs long and accessed virtually.  It will be provided by a credible trauma-informed training provider. The OPCC will release a number of dates/times between Oct 2021 and Feb 2022 and they really hope you can find a session that suits you. This will also include a link to register. 

The Trauma-Informed Agenda is based upon understanding how trauma from adversities experienced as children (ACEs) can impact us our whole lives, including increasing the risk of negative health or social outcomes.  The interest from the Police and Crime Commissioner stems from the understanding that a baby’s brain develops significantly in the early years and is shaped by relationships and experiences around them.  In these early years, our view of the world develops which could be anything from feeling inherently safe, loved and secure, to believing the world is a dangerous and uncaring place.  This view of the world can impact a person their whole life in terms of increased risk of negative outcomes or giving them some protective buffering against this.  

Embedding trauma-informed practice across public services and community groups will help people live happier, healthier, crime-free lives, and in the longer term also reduce demand across public services.

If you would like further information, please contact Karen Dawes, Commissioning and Contracts Manager –

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