Free Suicide Prevention Training


Hampshire County Council has commissioned Managing Suicidal Conversations training from the Samaritans.  Due to Covid-19 these courses have been moved online and will be delivered via Zoom.
The training course provides participants with the skills and confidence to recognise and engage with a potentially suicidal person to help prevent the immediate risk of suicide and to signpost them to support. The training course is free and half a day in length.
The training is open to staff and volunteers from a range of organisations and is suitable for anyone, regardless of prior experience, whose role may bring them into direct contact with people who have suicidal feelings. This could include, for example, relevant public-sector staff, emergency services, car parking attendants, security staff, school staff, voluntary sector organisations, service user support roles, local business/shop staff, transport roles etc. This list of potential attendees is given by way of example and is not exhaustive.
Information details as a result will be shared between Samaritans and Hampshire County Council. Anonymised information from the course evaluation sheets will be shared between Samaritans and HCC. This data will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the training, supporting HCC’s suicide prevention work programme.
Course Timings: 
Morning sessions will run from 9:15 to 12:30
Afternoon sessions will run from 13:15 to 16:30
Course objectives:

  • Show that you can listen.
  • Understanding and using the Samaritans Listening Wheel
  • Understand the social and economic links to suicidal thoughts and feelings.
  • Awareness of suicidal statistics
  • Ending conversations
  • Support or refer someone who is feeling suicidal.

Training dates
Please click on the date and time that you would like to attend the Managing suicidal conversations half day training course to secure your place. Should you have any questions or need to rearrange a booking, please contact the External training team via phone on 0208 394 8349.

  1. 5th October 2020 – AM session
  2. 5th October 2020 – PM session
  3. 8th October 2020 – AM session
  4. 8th October 2020 – PM session
  5. 12th October 2020 – AM session
  6. 12th October 2020 – PM session
  7. 20th October 2020 – AM session
  8. 20th October 2020 – PM session
  9. 22nd October 2020 – AM session
  10. 22nd October 2020 – PM session
  11. 3rd November 2020 – AM session
  12. 3rd November 2020 – PM session
  13. 4th November 2020 – AM session
  14. 4th November 2020 – PM session
  15. 11th November 2020 – AM session
  16. 11th November 2020 – PM session
  17. 17th November 2020 – AM session
  18. 17th November 2020 – PM session
  19. 25th November 2020 -AM session
  20. 25th November 2020 – PM session
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