Free NHS Stop Smoking Service for your business


Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable illness and death in the UK.
Surveys suggest that the cost to a business of employing ONE smoker can be well over £1500 per year.
The good news is that 3 out of 4 smokers want to quit. However, many try to stop on their own and fail, often because they lack support and use over-the-counter medication ineffectively.
1. Increase productivity – no smoking breaks and less absenteeism due to ill health
2. Lower staff turnover due to early retirement caused by ill-health
3. Eliminate tension caused by non-smokers resenting breaks taken by smokers
4. Lower cleaning costs and reduce risk of fire (if smoking is allowed on your site)
5. Improve company reputation for staff welfare
6. Improve company image – no more smokers huddled at entrances!
7. Eliminate the risk of litigation for non-compliance with smokefree legislation
WHAT? You have the opportunity to offer your colleagues a workplace stop smoking support at no charge to you or your employees. These sessions are popular, successful and run by trained NHS professionals. Smokefree Hampshire, your local NHS stop smoking service will;
Help with administration and promotion to set up the sessions
Provide 6 weekly sessions on-site or virtually at times flexible to your needs and follow up with telephone calls if required.
Provide effective medication as appropriate. 
HOW? All you need to do is find out if there are at least 10 people interested in attending a one-hour information session. This can be held virtually or face to face at the agreed time.
As part of the support you provide, you may wish to consider giving some work time for staff to attend (eg 1 hr info session for the whole group then 6 x 15-minute drop-in sessions, total 2.5 hrs per member of staff).  Some employees offer half and half, half lunch break and half work time to maximise commitment.
WHEN? Now, there is no time like the present.
These programmes achieve excellent success rates and are beneficial for team morale because of the on-going support they give each other both during the course and after it ends.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements further:
Tel: 0800 772 3649, E-mail:

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