Free Course – Photographing objects for reminiscense


The Wessex Heritage Trust are offering a free course in Photographing Objects for Reminiscense.
The course will start with a short presentation on the what, why and how of digitisation, followed by a practical session where you can set up your own home ‘studio’ and take some photos with the small, friendly group and ask questions as you go. After the workshop you will receive a guide booklet in the post with all the information covered so you have it to refer back to.
Each session will have a maximum of 10 participants, so you will have plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions. You don’t need any specialist equipment, and you will be sent information about anything you will need prior to the workshop so you are prepared.
Here is the link to the event where you can reserve your place: Photographing Objects for Reminiscence​
So, what prompted Wessex Heritage Trust to offer this? Well, they’ve gained lots of experience in the subject as part of their Memory Box Project Online, and they want to pass it on. And who knows, you may even be able to contribute to the project! Click the image for more information.


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