Fraud Safety Webinars


Fraud Safety Webinars have been arranged and provided by the Police South West Regional Organised Crime Unit, they are for anyone that feel that they will benefit on information preventing fraud.

This webinar will be hosted by Ashley Jones, who is the Regional Fraud Protect Advisor with the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit.

The 45-minute session will cover the current dangers caused by fraud in the UK and will discuss the most common frauds encountered at the present time, before rounding-off with the ‘Golden Rules’ to avoid fraud in daily life.

  • These sessions are designed for anyone, who seeks to enhance their knowledge around fraud and be better protected against the most common crime in the UK. They are approximately 1-hour in duration and are interactive (with Q & A from the audiences at the end).
  • These sessions have a max capacity of 1000 attendees and are not area specific, so anyone from anywhere may benefit from attendance – happy to have police/staff/public/professionals of any origin join in the sessions.
  • Please feel free to share the below info via your networks – book slots via the Eventbrite link.

Do you want to know more about fraud? Join the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit Regional Fraud Protect Advisor for a one hour fraud safety webinar covering all aspects of the most common crime in the UK. 

Link to all events: Regional Fraud Protect Advisor Events | Eventbrite

If you are or care for an older person that needs some extra support our Health and social team are here to help, You cab find out more about what they offer here , The Unity Health and Care Team deliver support services into communities across the Test Valley and beyond, aiming to build community resilience and support those members of our communities who may be vulnerable.

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