UK Awareness Calendar 2021

Download our 2021 UK Awareness Calendar here>>

The Skills Toolkit 

Free courses to help you learn new skills or change jobs. Including general skills that apply to all sectors and more specialised skills. View here>>

How to Prepare for GDPR and Data Protection Reform. Download>>

Ten Steps to Resilience
Nearly one in five organisations suffer a major disruption.  With no recovery plan you have less of a chance of survival.  By planning now, you increase the chance that your business can recover quickly from an emergency.  Download>>

Bank Accounts for Community & Voluntary Groups
It can really help your group to run smoothly if the financial side of things is well managed and carefully looked after. It is your whole group’s responsibility to do this – it’s important not to just leave it up to just one person. Download>>

Budgeting as a group provides an opportunity for everyone to be involved in decisions about what to spend money on. This is really important for ensuring that everyone supports the financial decisions that are being made. Budgeting is a crucial way to stop your group running out of money unexpectedly, or ending up in debt.  Download>>

Business Planning
A business plan outlines the purpose, aims, objectives and future plans of an organisation. It is a clear strategy of how the organisation will develop over a fixed period of time (usually three to five years). Download>>

Checklist of Skills Required by Members of a Board
An ideal profile of the collective skills and experience that should be represented by a Board taken together. Download>>

Closing your organisation  
The key steps you need to take and the processes you should be aware of to close your organisation. NCVO

Do I need to DBS check my volunteers?
The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) have merged into the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This means that the authority that checked for criminal records has merged with the authority that checks the barred lists – lists of people barred from working adults and lists of people barred from working with children. Download>>

Essentials toolkit
This toolkit is intended to be a practical source of help and guidance for your group or organisation. Download>>

Feedback Form – Organisational Health Check

For organisations Unity has provided support to using the ‘Essentials’ toolkit. As part of our aim to ensure we are meeting the needs of local voluntary and community groups we would be grateful if you could provide feedback on how this has helped your organisation. We are also keen to identify any areas for improvement. Download>>

Financial Rules
A set of basic rules to help your group be consistent in how you handle money and keep records. Download>>

Funding for Voluntary and Community Groups
A recurring challenge for many voluntary and community groups is having the funds to support their work. This information pack aims to provide you with:

  1. An overview on the key funding options you can consider
  2. Details on funding advice and where you can get help
  3. Options to help you explore this further


Impact, Improvement and Involvement – Overview
Many voluntary and community groups are committed to ensuring that the services they provide have a real impact that make a difference to quality of life. They are also committed to ensuring that they can provide opportunities for clients to be involved in services. This will ensure that not only are they delivering quality services but that they are delivering the right services  and  meeting client needs.  By being involved this helps to ensure that the aim to improve services is underpinned by the needs and input of clients. Download>>

Planning for Impact, Improvement and Involvement
This useful template contains the key areas to encompass to ensure that you can meaningfully plan and deliver impact, improvement and involvement. This helps you to:

  • Plan your approach
  • Allocate resources
  • Have the right processes in place


Insurance for Voluntary and Community Organisations
The trustees or management committee members of a voluntary or community organisation have a duty to protect its people and property from risk. Taking out insurance is one of the ways in which you can carry out this duty, so that you can cover the cost of claims that could be made against your organisation, or replace your organisation’s property if it is lost or damaged. Download>>

Promoting Your organisation
Useful steps to effective promotion in the voluntary and community sector. Download>>

Quality – Information Sheet
Information on quality standards, approaches and assessments, and how to plan and learn from them.  Read more>>

The Role of the Chair
This useful fact sheet will answer all your questions.  Read more>>

The Role of the Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for keeping people informed about the organisation’s activities. One of the main parts of their job is to take minutes of meetings.  This information sheet looks at the main jobs a Secretary usually does.  Read more>>

The Role of the Treasurer
A step-by-step guide on how to be the treasurer for a community group including basic principles of managing money, keeping track of cash and bank accounts, and sharing information with the rest of your group.  Read more>>

Setting up a New Group Toolkit
How do you start a new group?  The useful toolkit will answer your questions.  Read more>>

Sample Constitution  Read more>>

When a Reporter Calls
What do you do if you get approached by the media.  Read more>>

Writing a Media Release
Useful tips for writing press releases.  Read more>>

Guide to community funding Download 

Action Hampshire strengthens not-for-profit organisations by supporting, developing and connecting them. Our specialisms include: community led planning and solutions; research and engagement; health and social care; rural issues such as rural affordable housing; community buildings; social enterprise and trading; children and young people’s issues; equalities; corporate social responsibility. for the latest news and advice follow this link

Trustee information 

Looking for further information including a step-by-step guide, click here.

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