Extending our Social Prescription Service to include young people aged 13-18!


You can find our social prescription referral form here: https://bit.ly/2Yc2uUa

Support for 13-18 year olds.

Unity have built up a successful social prescription service for adults with mental health difficulties. We are now extending our service to include young people aged 13-18. By extending our services we aim to provide -

•opportunities for increased physical activity
•arts, music and creative activities
•healthy eating/nutrition
•social clubs
•heritage and museums
•connecting with nature
•volunteering opportunities
•alternative therapies

Improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people is a priority in the Test Valley, particularly now with the Covid-19 crisis. By including the younger age group, we will be able to help those who need it within our community. 

For more information, contact info@unityonline.org.uk
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