Event Management Guide 

A guide looking at the different software available to provide an effortless event.


Events can be a very hectic time so we have put together this guide for some of the best event management software available, with the pros and cons of each software as well as what it will cost your organisation to use it. 

Content – We will look at:

  • Eventbrite (www.eventbrite.com)
  • CVent (www.cvent.com)
  • Aventri (www.aventri.com)
  • Arlo (www.arlo.co)


Eventbrite is an American-based event management service. The service charges a fee to event organisers in exchange for the services, unless the event is free.


  • Robust ticketing solutions
  • The service has everything you need to set up and sell tickets to virtual and in-person events.
  • Customisable event pages
  • They give the opportunity for event planners to create event pages with all of the information attendees need for the event
  • Send out email campaigns
  • Eventbrite allows you to send emails from the platform itself to attendees and any previous attendees from previous events.
  • Attendee marketplace
  • Eventbrite lists your event onto their in-site community where people are able to search for events.
  • Generates different types of report
  • Get detailed information about your ticket buyers, ticket sales, event attendance, and more.


  • Limited beyond ticketing and response functions
  • Very streamlined – does not offer opportunities for customisation
  • When selling paid tickets, Eventbrite payment processing fees can add up significantly




  • Ticket fees include payment processing
  • Sell tickets directly through Facebook
  • One ticket type (e.g. “General Admission”)
  • Mobile app for organisers
  • Listing on Eventbrite and partner sites
  • Access to a range of partner apps (e.g. Mailchimp)

For a ticket price of £5.00, if you sold 10 tickets and absorbed the fees yourself (rather than let the attendees pay), you would get £42.00 out of the possible £50.00.


  • Everything in Essentials
  • Embedded checkout on your website
  • Unlimited ticket types
  • Detailed sales analytics and reporting
  • Customisable checkout forms
  • Branded community pages
  • Create seating maps

For a ticket price of £5.00, if you sold 10 tickets, and absorbed the fees yourself (rather than let the attendees pay), you would get £40.20 out of the possible £50.00.



Cvent’s event management software is robust and flexible enough to meet all your needs, from your one-on-one meetings to your most complex user conferences.


  • Send personalised messages.
    • Send targeted, personalised email campaigns to foster relationships with donors, volunteers and staff members.
  • Securely collect payments.
    • Quickly and securely accept online donations and gifts directly into your bank account
  • Create email newsletters.
    • Generate branded email newsletters in no time – no technical expertise required.
  • Build custom event websites.
    • Create custom event websites in minutes to promote your event and drive attendance.
  • Engage attendees.
    • Aggregate your attendees’ event-related social content and display it live at the event.
  • Enhance the attendee experience.
    • Provide up-to-date event information to your members using our native mobile event apps.
  • Check-in attendees
    • Check members into events and sessions as quickly as possible and say goodbye to long lines.
  • Leverage robust reporting.
    • Generate reports about donations and event fees with our event reporting features.
  • Collect post-event feedback.
    • Analyse attendee feedback to determine the success of your current event and improve future events.


  • Lack of ease of use, at times functionality is buried in the platform
  • Added costs for things that should be included
  • Lack of guidance when creating complex events
  • Not the easiest site to navigate

Pricing: Pricing for the software is very difficult to navigate, they do ask to contact them for a quote. Reviews say that they are much more expensive than some of their competitors.



Aventri’s Event Management Technology has enabled thousands of brands globally to transform the way they plan and execute events and meetings for virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences.


  • Grow Your Brand & Event Attendance
    • Aventri helps drive attendance by promoting your event with multi-channel marketing campaigns and enhancing your brand with a fully customised experience.
  • Centralise Event Management
    • Eliminate time-consuming tasks and streamline events management by leveraging the array of tools available in our integrated event software platform.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions
    • Gain real-time insights into event and meeting performance with our powerful reporting. Easily gauge how your events performance stacks up against your goals.
  • Enhanced Security Protocols
    • No matter where your organisation operates in the world, Aventri will ensure your data is secured to the highest standard. Aventri is GDPR compliant.

Cons: Some users report email campaigns end up in spam folders  User interface is not friendly

Pricing: Aventri offers a standard enterprise pricing plan which you can avail at $3,000 (£2,171.19) per year.



Arlo is the top course & training management software for training providers – specifically focusing on training and courses.


  • Conference registrations
    • Create custom registration forms for events with session registrations and optional extras.
  • Powerful scheduling tool
    • Manage all your events and resource within a shared scheduler. Bookout company holidays, presenter leave, and external resource bookings.
  • Keep organised with tasks
    • Arlo helps you manage all of those small but important course management tasks. Everything in one place
  • Manage your entire event online, from anywhere. See all registrations, event details and presenter details across one page, not multiple systems.


Cons: Rather simplistic – lots and lots of integrations needed for different things (for example, newsletters)

Pricing: To pay annually, and for one license, it is:

  • £65 for Simple (per license per month)
  • £115 for Professional (per license per month)
  • £155 for Enterprise (per license per month)

Plus usage: 60p per free registration and £1.16 per paid registration.


Each program has its own pros and cons and has it’s different elements that are unique to each software.

Eventbrite is the cheapest (if not free) program for event management, however minimal in its abilities. With Aventri being the most sophisticated and advanced program, but also the most expensive.



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