Employee Mental Health and Covid-19 2 part webinar series


Employee Mental Health and COVID-19
2 Part Webinar Series
With Samantha Garner, Mental Health Consultant & Trainer

“We have just 1-week to go before we the Employee Mental Health and COVID-19 2 part webinar series begins.”

“Apart from its physical impact, COVID-19 pandemic has brought numerous changes to people’s lives! This 2 part webinar series is designed to help your business understand the impact on mental health and get clarity on the next steps needed to provide the support your employees need – both in the office and remotely.”
Please note that this is not a free service and is delivered by Forum Training, part of Forum Business Media Training Ltd. Unity has no affiliation with Forum and have not examined the content of the webinar. To find out more, please go to the event website at https://email.forumbusinessmedia.co.uk/q/11mw3pZXmFWk8ugNBynY4Ob/wv 

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