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Consultation on proposals for reviewing police powers:  pre-charge bail legislation

On 5 November 2019 the government launched a review of pre-charge bail legislation to put victims’ safety first and support police investigations. An individual who has been arrested by the police but who has not yet been charged can be released on pre-charge bail or released without bail while the investigation continues.  Pre-charge bail means the individual under investigation is released from police custody, with or without conditions, while officers continue their investigation.
Since the reforms came into force, the government have been working closely with partners across the criminal justice system to track implementation and monitor impacts. The use of pre-charge bail has fallen significantly, mirrored by an increasing number of individuals released without bail, commonly known as ‘released under investigation’ or RUI.
This change has raised concerns that bail is not always being used when appropriate, including to prevent individuals from committing an offence whilst on bail or interfering with witnesses. Other concerns focus on the potential for longer investigations in cases where bail is not used and the adverse impacts on the courts.
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This consultation closes on 29 April 2020.
Stop and Search: do you know your rights?

The police use their stop and search powers in the fight against crime, especially weapons and drugs.  But, if the police stopped and searched you, would you know your legal rights?
The poll closes on 28 February 2020.
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