Dementia Friends – Memory Walks


What is a Memory Walk? Memory Walk is a family-friendly sponsored walk and a fantastic way to make a real difference to people affected by dementia. It’s free to sign up and accessible to all.

“My Grandma had dementia, so it was a double blow a few years later when I recognised my Mum begin to change. The doctor told us it wasn’t dementia but when you know and love someone so close to you, you know when something is wrong. It took two years to eventually get a diagnosis for my Mum.

I volunteered for a couple of years on my own until my friend Lorraine joined me. We can’t do the Memory Walk ourselves for health reasons, so volunteering is our way of being involved and helping the fantastic staff who do a great job.

On the day we volunteer as route marshals – we love the banter with the walkers, cheering them along and encouraging them to get to the end, but we are also there to look after people’s safety and support anyone who needs us. I would say don’t hesitate, just take the plunge and do it! I don’t regret it for a minute and can’t wait for the next one!” – Kay Pickering, Memory Walk Volunteer.

They can’t run the events without their incredible volunteers. If you can give the gift of time, please sign up now!

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