Decision on the Proposed Savings to the Public Health Budget in Hampshire


This is to inform of the decision made by Councillor Fairhurst, Executive Member for Adult Services and Public Health, at her Decision Day meeting held on Tuesday, 16 November 2021.  

In respect of the £3.05m of proposed savings included in the public consultation, which was open from 14 June to 9 August 2021, it was agreed that £236,000 of savings would be implemented as follows:  

For substance misuse: 

For services to continue to meet the needs of residents in Winchester, a more cost- effective venue is being sought to secure a saving of £60,000. 

For stop smoking services: 

In order to improve the chances of residents achieving their goal to quit smoking, GPs will be encouraged to refer patients to the stop smoking service where they will receive support as well as pharmacological support such nicotine replacement therapy. This approach will secure savings of £168,000.  

For sexual health services: 

One of the two HIV and syphilis self-sampling services available in Hampshire will stop to remove duplication and secure a saving of £8,000. People will still have full access to a service. 

For public health nursing services: 

For the service to continue to meet the needs of children young people and their families in Hampshire, the changes proposed to the health visiting and school nursing services will not be progressed.  

By working together, we can improve the health of our residents and these proposals demonstrate our commitment to this. 

A link to the report, appendices and decision record can be found here:  

Decision – Public Health: Outcome of the Transformation to 2021 Public Consultation | About the Council | Hampshire County Council ( 

Simon Bryant FFPH 

Director of Public Health | Hampshire County Council  

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