Covid 19 Pandemic Latest Research


Covid 19 Pandemic Latest Research

According to ZOE in collaboration with King’s College London, and endorsed by various NHS boards and regional governments, since the  9th July – Covid cases have been on the increase once again.  This includes Test Valley where cases have apparently increased by 284% (based on those accessing the Covid App).

Check the interactive map for regular updates;

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Protect yourself and others from Covid 19

Follow Government Guidelines

Stay at home as much as possible

Work from home if you can

Limit contact with other people

Keep your distance from people who are not in your household (2 meters apart)

Wash your hands regularly

Wear face masks in shops and supermarkets

Wear face masks on public transport

Self isolate if you think you have coronavirus

Book a coronavirus test if you think you have symptoms

Covid 19 has not gone away

Please –  stay alert and keep safe!

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