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Chapel Art Studios

Susan Francis of Chapel Arts Studios in Andover contacted to make us aware of an art course as a social prescribing opportunity:
“I am pleased to say we are finally able to offer our first specific socially prescribing art opportunity! Deborah Porter is an inspirational artist with lots of experience in this area, and an art practice which every individual, young or old, experienced or complete beginner, can take on board for themselves and fly with. We are also able to offer the extra bonus of exhibiting together in December to celebrate the achievements of the group. This is very much open to all so will not only inspire those with an artistic interest already, but is also for those who may not have considered it before. As a group project, there is the opportunity for relationships to grow, skills and confidence to be gained and friendships to be made.
Please consider all of your patients* whether coping with anxiety, isolation, recovery from strokes etc, dealing with pain or whatever health issues they are battling with. Due to Covid 19 we are accepting participants who are willing to undertake the course in both a physical space, and on computer via Zoom to cover all eventualities. They need to be comfortable with both these possibilities. As such we are keeping groups small, 8 maximum, and Deborah will accept newcomers only up to the second week if places allow. If it will take place on Zoom we can up these numbers to 10 to 12 but we will make a decision on this very soon.” The course venue is likely to be in Andover Town Centre.
This looked too interesting to keep to ourselves so please do check find out more by clicking on the image below.

*You don’t have to be a doctor or specialist to introduce someone for the course.
If you know anyone that could benefit from this course please contact:
Susan Francis
CAS Programme Curator
mobile: 07808841515
twitter: @casartsists
facebook: @chapelartsstudios

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